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          Who is the smirking upstart pictured above? Well, if you watch Friends, you know him as Chandler. If you've seen Dune, you'll think of Paul Atreides. If you watch Twin Peaks, you'll recognize him as Agent Cooper. But to all, he's known as Dune Guy, and he's one of the premier actors of all time.
          That may sound like a big claim, but just look at Dune Guy's list of accomplishments! Peruse his filmography... browse through his media coverage... relax in front of an episode of Friends or examine the texture of Blue Velvet. Then tell me Dune Guy isn't among the best, nay, the best actor alive today.
          But enough of my prattle. If you're here, you're probably a Dune Guy fan already. Make yourself at home... bookmark this page... and enjoy the magic that is... Dune Guy.

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Biography Who is this Dune Guy anyway? Find out about his life in this stunning biography.
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Dune Guy Media Blitz!! Chronicles Dune Guy's growing popularity through magazine covers, newspaper articles, interviews, and other media appearances. Learn tons of things you never knew about Dune Guy! Special award-winning fan fiction section!

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Filmography Every film or TV show Dune Guy has ever been in, with special features on:
Dune page Friends page
David Lynch's sweeping sci-fi epic made Dune Guy a star. Find the sights and sounds of Dune on this fabulous page. Dune Guy plays Chandler on NBC's hit series Friends. Check out my Dunalicious Friends page, packed with pix and fax, as well as my episode guide for all five seasons.
Twin Peaks page Megacop page Trigger Effect page
Dune Guy and David Lynch team up again in the cult hit Twin Peaks. Pix, scripts, and more inside.
Synopsis and pictures from the exciting TV movie, starring Jon Stelzer as Megacop and Dune Guy as Joe Schmendrick. A great review and a Trigger Effect picture gallery.

Almost Heroes page
Pix, description, reviews and more from Almost Heroes, the Chris Farley/Dune Guy hit.
Links Some other great DG and non-DG sites on the Web.
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FAQ All your questions on Dune Guy will be answered here.
Quizzes Speaking of questions, why not test your Dune Guy knowledge with these fun quizzes? Are you a Dune Guy Apostle or a Dune Guy Poseur? Find out here!

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