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by: Chefelf

"Geez Jimmy, you're walkin' like you got cyanide in your pants!" This is a line from the movie Playin' With Fire, this summer's latest comedy. However, in reality, cyanide is no laughing matter. Over eleven cyanide-related deaths are reported each year in the United States alone. Those are only the reported cases.

President Clinton's new economic policies mean that the budget for the Cyanide Relief Committee will be sliced in half. This kind of senseless cut would undermine our organization and cause us to cease to exist.

Think of your kids leaving school each day having no idea of how to avoid cyanide and its effects. Our helpful pamphlets would not be distributed anymore and there would be less information to aid the people. With this information loss, the yearly death rate may be doubled. And that's twenty-two more deaths than the country needs.

For more information about cyanide poisoning call (516) 333- 1414 or write to:

Cyanide Relief Committee 128 Roanoke Lane Arlington, Virginia P.O. Box 28283

We also accept donations at the same address. And remember, "A nickel toward the goodwill of humanity is better than not caring at all."