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    5-21-09 NHL Playoff Commercial Review (Rounds 1 & 2): Chefelf reflects on the most recent NHL Playoff commercials. (Chefelf)

    Recent Features

    4-26-09 Bea Arthur: Goodnight, but not Goodbye : In honor of Bea Arthur (May 13, 1922 Ė April 25, 2009). (Chefelf)
    3-31-09 Why I Hate People That Self-Identify as Nerds or Geeks: Chefelf doesn't like it when people think they're all awesome and unique because they do the same thing as millions of other people. (Chefelf)
    3-30-09 Soon-to-be Extinct Candy: Twilight Conversation Hearts: Two things Laura, as a girl, loves, include Twilight and candy hearts. Thankfully, the universe has combined them in one convenient, disgusting package. (Laura)
    1-28-09 Is Rock Band Too Family Friendly?: Laura found these lies about the game Rock Band on her work computer. Either she wrote it last summer, or elves have been sneaking onto her account. The former is more likely, since she's obsessed with Rock Band. She sings on Expert! (Laura)


    Best Of L&E

    12-6-01 Jacques Sees a Movie!: Jacques attends a screening of the movie From Hell, the only movie this season in which Johnny Depp has a mustache! The movie stars Johnny Depp, that delightful guy from Nuns on the Run who isnít Eric Idle, and a swashbuckling appearance by Johnny Deppís mustache! (Jacques)
    12-3-01 Lingerie Poetry: The lovely ladies of daytime TV wax poetic on the sexiest of women's undergarments. (Chefelf)
    7-19-02 The Armageddon Flowchart: When the end comes, why not be ready? (Yahtzee)

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