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The Many Conflicts of Perdro the Elf and the Elves Committee

Chapter 5: Elf vs. God

There once was a god named Joe who liked to eat elves for dinner. One day, it happened that Perdro was a ripe and juiciest of elves, that Joe decided he must be of his hungry nature to eat the elf by whom goes of the name of Perdro.

It happened on this sunny of mornings that Joe captured Perdro in his magic net from the mountains, of which he had come across easily because he made it himself. It was the nicest net in the world because it was hot pink, where most nets lack this quality.

Perdro was most frought with dismay at such this event was because he had been busily eating of his poppyseed bagel during the time of which this event had occured. And because it was Joe who wished to eat Perdro, it was also Joe upon whom Perdro wished nothing but ill.

Perdro's actions at this point were what triggered the events that led to his eventual escape and reentry into elf society. What he did was he called Joe on his cell phone, a species of phone which Joe did not posess, so that Joe would go in the other room to answer the phone. Whilst Joe was away, Perdro jumped off the plate and hid in the table. The next day, he jumped off the table, which was in the mountains, using the pink net as a parachute.