Rachel's World
Welcome to the midnight palace. I am Rachel, a Mystress of Myst, and this is my shadow world. It's a bleak world. A troubled world. A world filled with turmoil.

What's New? Guess what? An actual update. I decided to make a page of links to sites called "Rachel's Page." I don't even know why. It turns out a lot of people are named Rachel and none of them so far are people I like. Also, another piece of news: Laura has informed me that she wants to make a children's book about me & my friend Jamie. Let's see where this goes!
Poetry Muse of poetry, I invoke thee! Poems, wrested from the depths of my dark and tortured soul. Some of them rhyme.
Prose I've started more novels than I care to count. I've included short passages from some of my works in progress; if you like something, let me know, maybe that'll motivate me to actually finish one.
Brock OK. Pokémon, I know, it's a kid's show, but BROCK, what a hottie...
Me All about me. Contains a short bio and some original artwork... you don't want to miss it!
Safety Pins A little essay about your friend and mine, the safety pin.
links Have you ever wondered who else is called Rachel? This page reveals the shocking truth: a lot of lame people.
E-Mail I love getting e-mail. Tell me what you think of the site! Or demand something new. Or make fun of my poetry. Or whatever.
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