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Well, having traipsed through my network of novels, articles, reviews and general weird bollocks, you probably think you've nearly reached the end of exploring the wonder that is me. Of course not! You've still got all these lovely adventure games to play yet!

Lee & Perrin: Paranormality - my latest offering. Two university graduates become private paranormal investigators. And why not?

The Rob Blanc Series - a man leaping from chip-shop worker to Defender of the Universe, told in three chapters. The games that won me fame.

The Arthur Yahtzee Series - games I wrote at high school. Recently the friend of mine who runs this site made a whole new site. We now have a domain - - which is no bad thing.

Reality On The Norm - a group project of which I am a quite important member. Another (short) game by me is available here.

The Vestibule - a game which I am also part of, albeit in not such a big role. The site isn't finished at time of writing, but I am reliably informed that it will be, someday.

more coming soon

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