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You know what one of the best things about the Internet is? Overlooking convenience, free downloads and pornography, obviously? Tests! Yes, nothing says internet humour quite like a meaningless test giving you an answer you should probably already know. Inspired by this phenomenon, I have created what must surely be the zenith of meaningless tests. Ask yourself this - are you me?

1. Where do you live?
The good ol' US of A!
Bangkok. Ha ha ha, guys.
Great Britain! God Save the Queen, tea and crumpets and all that.
Wibble world.

[Note - if you answered A to that first question consider yourself immediately disqualified]

2. How did your childhood pet die?
Run over.
Run over twice.
Surviving an attempt to break its neck only to be drowned in the washing-up bowl.
In a wibble.

3. What's your favourite Beatles song?
'Penny Lane'.
'Yellow Submarine'.
'Maxwell's Silver Hammer'.
'Wibble Me Do'.

4. Which social grouping do you like to think you conform to?
Computer geek.
The wibbles.

5. You have been known to fantasize about being -
A secret agent.
A masked murderer.
A and B.
Wibble Man.

6. When you were a small child, what was your immediate reaction to seeing footage of the Challenger disaster?
Deep sadness.
Hysterical laughter.

7. What would you like to see happen before you die?
World peace.
The Second Coming.
The collapse of government and technology, the beginning of a new Dark Age of city states and craftsmen, in which you are a nomadic warrior feared by all.

8. What is your favourite article of clothing?
A Punisher T-shirt.
A nice hat.
Slightly faded black knee-length trenchcoat.
Wibble trousers.

9. How did you come across this test?
From checking Lance & Eskimo daily.
Link from a friend.
You wrote it.
Link from Mr. Wibble.

10. You have occasionally been accused of having -
Bad breath.
A big ego.
Mrs. Wibble held against her will.

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