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About Me

       Hi! If you are Looking for the One Called Angel Blue, that is me!! I got my name from Journal of the Whills, if you don't know what that is, it is the original story that George Lucas wrote which gradually turned into Star Wars. I learned this by reading the annotated script which is very interesting, but then I lost it. Damn!!!!
       What you already know about me is that my name is Angel Blue, what you don't know is I am fifteen, and I am a self-proclaimed riot grrrl!!! I wear BABY TEES and I affect a pacifier to declare my partiality to the designer drug ecstasy!!! But this is factitious because I can't afford any xtc. My friend Fairyknight always has enough money because he has a job at Dunkin Donuts but I don't take day jobs because I think they are SELLING OUT.
       Another thing you don't know about me is

About My Ass

       Just kidding, this section isn't really about my ass!!! This is where I thank the people who gave me this website, LANCE AND ESKIMO!!! I love you!!

Writing fiction by moonlight, making bingo by daylight, always working on her website, she is the one called Angel Blue.