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Amazing Bingo Boards

The rules are simple. Follow one of the links below to get a random bingo board based on your favorite show. Press PRINT. Then, when you watch an episode of the show, place a penny on each plot element as it occurs. For instance, it's pretty hard to watch an episode of Xena without seeing Xena do an insane chakram feat or Gabby get captured. When you get five in a row, you win!   More rules

Animo! Get an Anime Bingo Board!
More about Anime Bingo
Geeko! Get a TechTV Screen Savers Bingo Board!
Posto! Get a Post-Apocalyptic Bingo Board!
Pokeo! Get a Pokemon Bingo Board!
More about Pokemon Bingo
Tylo! Get an Irresponsible Captain Tylor Bingo Board!
More about Captain Tylor Bingo
Luno! Get a Sailor Moon Bingo Board!
More about Sailor Moon Bingo
Robo! Get a Robotech Bingo board!
More about Robotech Bingo
Xeno! Get a Xena: Warrior Princess Bingo Board!
More about Xena Bingo
Bing!O Get a FRIENDS Bingo Board!
More about FRIENDS Bingo
Hero! Get a Superhero Bingo Board!
More about Superhero Bingo
Five-Oh! Get a Hawaii Five-Oh Board!
More about Hawaill 5-0 Bingo

Drinking Games

These don't have enough squares to make bingo boards, but you can still play them as drinking games.

Deep Purple
Drinking Games
Chick Flicks

High Concept Bingo Boards

OK, there are many things besides TV to make fun of--more than are dreamed of in my simple philosophy! That's why I thought I'd do a series of high-concept bingo boards, tackling subjects like Shakespeare, ancient Greek drama, Italian operettas, and the like. Then I realized that I'm a big dummy! Pop culture is my only area of expertise. So the High-Concept Bingo section will stay pretty empty... unless an English Lit major happens to stumble across this page... in which case, e-mail me!

Bucho! Skewering the literary cliches of renowned Scottish novelist John Buchan.
Mozo! Think enjoying classical music makes you a snob? Take it to the next level by mocking classical music itself!
Writing fiction by moonlight, making bingo by daylight, always working on her website, she is the one called Angel Blue.