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The Official Bingo Rules

How to play: Watch an episode of a show (or a movie). Watch for the plot elements listed on your game board. When one comes up, place a penny on that square. When you get five in a row, you win!

Playing with several people: The more the merrier! Whoever gets five in a row first wins.

Playing with one person: Even if you're alone, you can still play against the writers of the show. If you get five in a row before the end of the show, you win. If you don't, the writers actually produced an original script, and they win.

Additional Rules:

1. The Center Square:The center square is free. You can place a penny on it right away... or leave it empty and admire the beautiful picture. Either way, you get the square.

2. Disagreement: A lot of times, people will disagree as to whether a square has come up. ("Look, Xena took out her chakram. That's an insane chakram feat, isn't it?") In a case where there's a question, here's what you do:
  a. If there's several other players, they can vote on whether the square has really come up.
  b. If there's only one other player, he or she can veto the square.
  c. But come on, be fair. Remember, it's not about winning or losing, it's about making fun of TV.

3. What does that Mean? If there's a question about what a square means, go online and check out the complete square list for that board. A lot of the squares are explained.

4. Winning: In order to win, a player must have 5 pennies in a row (or 4 pennies and the center square) and shout out the name of the game (for instance, "Tylo!"). After all, that's the most funnest part!

5. Tie:
  a. In the event of a tie, whoever shouts the game's name first wins.
  b. If it's still a tie, count the number of pennies on the board. The highest number wins.
  c. If it's still a tie, it's a tie. Live with it.

5. Making your own board: If you want you can draw your own board. That way, you can illustrate the squares yourself and add in your own phrases. You can also arrange 5 easy squares in a row so you'll always win. This is legal but frowned upon. People who do this are called "Bingo Gapers."
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