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How old are the Pokémon characters, anyway?

We know from the very start of the series that Ash is ten years old. However, this is the only age that is confirmed. We can only guess how old the others are. After doing careful research into the subject, I have recorded all of my conclusions and thoughts on this complex subject in the following essay.

Bikini MistyMisty
How old is Misty? She usually acts about the same age as Ash, but I think we can all agree that she's older. For one thing, she is already developing a feminine figure. But even though she travels around with Brock, Brock, he very rarely tries to hit on her. (For more on this, see The Pokémon Love Essay.) So she must be too young for Brock. I think she's between 11 and 13, which is why it was so icky when Lt. Serge hit on her.

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Shorty!!From the fact that he seemed to be the legal guardian of his ten younger brothers and sisters, I would assume that he's at least eighteen. (Brock-o-Rama says he's 17.) But he's not that much bigger than Ash. He is shorter than his father, shorter, in fact, than just about everyone they meet. Pokémon is thought of as a show about three children, but Brock is not a child. Would a child hit on all those girls? Would a child be able to hold an entire family together? I. Think. Not. That, and he was referred to as a man in the Ghost of Maiden Rock episode (the ghost puts her spell on "all men who pass this way.")

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Jessie and James
How you doin?Misty once referred to Jessie as an "old hag." That really hurt me. Am I the only one who thinks she's hot? Okay, so she's no Nuku Nuku, but still. You'd think she'd get a bigger fan base. I mean, not even Brock hits on her. What's up with that? Okay, now that that's out of the way, we can talk about how old Jessie and James are. One official listing from Nintendo said they were twelve. Twelve! This is completely insane. No twelve-year-olds look like that.

Most sane people say they're seventeen. I think this is also a bit too young. Their voices sound nothing like seventeen-year-old voices. They're young and vibrant, but they're not that young and vibrant.

It's my opinion that James is at youngest 20, and Jessie's a little older, maybe 22. This is just how it makes sense to me. In "The Ultimate Test," Jessie filled out her application saying she was 17, but it's possible that she was lying. She is a member of Team Rocket, after all. Perhaps she wishes she was still 17.

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