Advice #2

by Ariana Squirrel

Same deal as last time: Not funny, but I feel like I'm doing a valuable service to humanity. Let me know if you want me to host the advice somewhere else, and stop wasting your valuable comedy-readin' time. Thanks guys! And thanks to everyone who wrote in!

I met a sweet guy but he was my best friend's boyfriend and we started talking and we saw that we had so much in common and when my bestfriend thought something was wrong we had a BIG FIGHT AND SHE AND I MADE UP BUT he stopped talking to me and i miss talking to him and i need him to talk to and make me feel warm and loved

        Unfortunately, love triangles like this are really sticky situations. It's a good thing that you and your friend patched things up. But if you continue to go after her boyfriend, you might not have her for much longer. If you have to choose between your best friend and a potential boyfriend, I'd go for the friend; she'll probably be with you a lot longer than a boyfriend would, and anyway, you have a history with her. How are you to know that this relationship would even work out?

        But it might not even matter. The boyfriend has a say in this, too, and he seems to have made his decision. If he's not talking to you, he's probably either afraid that the girlfriend will get mad, or he's afraid he'll be tempted to cheat on her. Don't make him. It's probably best just to stay away, at least for awhile.

        You may feel like you need him to feel warm and loved, but there's got to be another way. You lived without it before; try to live without it again. Take comfort in your best friend, and in your other friends. And if you really want a boyfriend, you're going to have to find a guy who's not already attached!

Do you think its better to like a boy beacause hes hott or beacause hes nice?

     I wanted to write a long, well-though-out response to your question, but I couldn't think of any conditions under which it would be a good idea to date a mean hot boy. "Because he's nice" is one of the best reasons I've ever heard of to start a relationship. So, hands down, it would be "nice".

     Actually, my top qualities in a significant other are 1. Nice, 2. Smart, and 3. Funny. Then I guess you'd have common interests. Having a cute boyfriend is a nice bonus, but it's not a reason to date someone.

     Celebrity crushes are another story altogether. I've noticed that your email addy contains a reference to Boy Meets World's Shawn. I wonder if you've seen a page by my associate, Laura, called the "Shawn Cuteness Chart.". We hope you will enjoy it.

Hi I was wondering if you could give me just the basic's of how you know if a guy likes you.

    Well, I hate to tell you this, but it's different from guy to guy. There's no set way to tell anymore than there is a set of directions for what to do if you like a guy.

    How do you let a guy know if you like him? I don't know about you, but I'd hang around him a lot, initiate conversation, laugh at his jokes, try to make him laugh. Guys do pretty much the same thing. If a guy singles you out and talks to you whenever he can, he probably either likes you or wants to be your friend (hey, that happens too).

    So how do you know if he wants friendship or Something More? Well, sometimes you can tell if a person's being flirtatious. But it can be harder to tell the closer you are--is he acting special towards you, or is this the way he normally acts? If there are people you both hang around with, ask them if they think he acts differently when he's around you. Or, you can just ask his friends: "Does he like me?"

I'm a man from Poland. My name is Irek. I'm 39 age old. I love the picture of Japanese very young Girl (naked). Do you like it too?

     I think you have the wrong kind of Girl Zone! If I were you, I'd try looking in Google under "Japanese very young Girl (naked)."

where can I buy cute clothes

     Hm. I don't have a lot of knowledge about the various clothing stores in your area. I don't even know what your area is! My best advice to you is to look in your local Yellow Pages, or to ask your friends where they shop.

     I don't know what kind of clothes you like, but a lot of major chains (like Gap, JCPenney, Limited Too, Delia's) have stores online (just add ".com" to any of those!) as well as outlets in your local town.

     I'm not a big corporation person, though, and most of my clothes come from discount places. You never know when you'll find a gem at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill store! Buying second-hand clothes also means you'll have a more unique wardrobe.

     If you really want the latest fashions, you can also go downtown in your nearest major city. The bigger the city, the more small, independently owned, trendy clothing stores. Unfortunately, those kinds of stores can get pretty expensive.