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My Interview from Maxim

by: Russel Cakes

Most people know Vegeta Girl from the powerful character she plays on the hit show Dragonball GT. She plays Vegeta Girl, the most powerful Saiya-jin warrior in the universe. Upset by the loneliness of her existence aboard a star cruiser in deep space she sets a course for earth to find Kakarrot who she believes to be the last Saiya-jin. What she finds is more than she bargained for.

Vegeta Girl isn't much different than the character she plays. She's obssessed with training, she's a devil with the boys and she's a beautiful girl with a bit of a mean streak.

So how is it when people see you on the street? Do people expect you to be like the chacter you play?

Yeah. I think a lot of the time I'm expected to be and in a lot of ways I am. That's okay though, I'm really grateful to Akira Toriyama and being given the chance to play this part.

Is it hard playing a "tough girl?"

Quote 1 Well I think it is in certain ways. The actual training I have to go through to play my character is just about the same as what my character had to go through on the show. So with my time off I spend it training to fly, blast opponents to dust with my special beam cannon and doing pushups at 200 times normal gravity.

Boy remind me not to put the moves on you.

[laughs] Keep your distance.

Is it hard for you to get a date? Are guys intimidated by you?

Yeah, a lot of the time I think they are. It's kinda tough because I'll be out at a club or at a bar and guys will look at me but as soon as I turn my head they're scared to make eye contact. So I spend a lot of time alone.

That's hard to believe.

It's totally true. I mean most guys are weird about dating a girl that could vaporize them in a split second and it's too bad. If someone would have the courage to just approach me and ask me out I just might accept. I always let guys down easy.

In that case, what are you doing later on this evening?

Ha. Don't push it.

Besides killing what else do you do with your time. Do you have any other hobbies?

Believe it or not I love to sing. My dream is to play in a broadway revival of Hair. There's something really sensual about picturing myself up on the stage completely naked with everyone looking and listening to me. I think I'd have their undivided attention.

You have mine right now. What's your favorite thing about your character?

I think it's that she's so in charge. I think a lot of men expect a woman to lay back and be the very accepting of things, but my character really kicks some ass. She gets what she wants. Quote 2

What do you look for in a guy?

Well he has to be smart and nice. Also he has to be strong. I don't want a guy who's going to back away from a fight. His power level has to be higher than mine.

Whoa boy. That's tough. Is my power level high enough?

[puts on scouter] Not quite. Sorry.

Aren't you limiting yourself? There's only about six guys in the universe with power levels over 8,000,000.

I'm very picky.

What do you look for from a guy in bed?

Well he has to be very responsive. He's got to want to make me happy before himself. Nothing's worse than a guy who's all about himself.

Is it difficult doing sex scenes with such powerful co stars?

Well, it's difficult in that it's weird, you know? I mean all those guys are so gorgeous on the set. But they're like my brothers you know. We all pal around a lot. We're like one big family.

Are you seeing anyone right now?

Not right now. I'm very busy. I'm going into my second season of Dragonball GT and we just started making a new Dragonball movie. I don't get a lot of time to go out and socialize.

Would you consider going out with a weaker warrior?

Quote 3 Yeah of course. I'd like him to be stronger, but I can't limit myself to rules when it comes to relationships. That's how you pass the good guys up.

What would you say would be the perfect date?

A guy doesn't have to spend a lot of money to make me happy. Maybe he'd cook me dinner and we'd rent a movie just the two of us curled up on the couch. Then we'd stay up late entertaining ourselves until the early morning. I also like it when a guy wakes me up in a sexual way. It's great to have such an intimate relationship where you can do or say anything to the other person.

Where do you see yourself after Dragonball GT?

That's tough, I'm having to time of my life doing this show. I'd really like to do some stage acting and some travelling. But most of all I guess I look forward to expanding into maybe singing or dancing. After all, variety is the spice of life.