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8-20-02 -- UPDATE
Power levels increased. After not updating for well over a year I decided to post some of the new pics that people have sent me of Vegeta. You can find them here. Reading my last update made me laugh. I am SO over Chefelf. He's cute and funny and all but I need someone who can fight and protect me (limiting myself to about four or five people in the known universe). I know I'm picky but what can I say? Chefelf couldn't even beat up a 12 year old girl. *le sigh* Training continues.

5-14-01 -- UPDATE
Power levels increased. I returned from a conference in Denver a changed woman. I am in love now with our own Chefelf! Our romance began on the trip and has completely consumed every ounce of my being. I had to update the Hotties Page to include him. Don't worry, he's not as hot as Vegeta is. Training continues.

1-2-01 -- UPDATE
Power levels increased. Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT pages updated. Episode Lists Added. Pics of Me and Vegeta added. Training continues.

12-31-00 -- UPDATE
Power levels increased. New Bio page. Hotties updated. Posted my Interview from Maxim Updated Links. Training continues.

7-14-00 -- UPDATE
Power levels increased. Since the dawn of time, there has been a guy who knew about a cachet of jumbled, warped little men who wander the earth looking for trouble... OTHER PEOPLE'S!!! Training continues.

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