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Vegeta with Sandra Bullock

As you may already know, Vegeta is quite the playboy. He's can always be spotted cavorting with any number of Celebrities. He's a man the ladies hate to love and the men love to hate.

I have decided to put together this page to collect all the pictures of Vegeta out on the town that I can. I have quite a few which I will be posting here in the days to come but I want to know if anyone else has any rare pictures of Vegeta that they would like to donate to my collection. Top Vegeta Spotters will be rewarded with name credit. If anyone has any pictures you can email me at: vegetagirl@lanceandeskimo.com

If there is an amusing or interesting story behind a picture please include it! We love to hear humorous anecdotes about our favorite Saiya-jin!

The Gallery
Vegeta with Sandra Bullock Vegeta attending the Cannes Film Festival with Sandra Bullock. 1999
Submitted by Vegeta Girl
Relaxing Vegeta at Water Country with then girlfriend Jamie Lee Curtis. 1997
Submitted by Vegeta Girl
Vegeta with President Clinton Vegeta with President Clinton in the Oval Office. 2000
Submitted by Chefelf
Vegeta on Friends Vegeta from his appearence on Friends. Episode: "The One with the Angry Saiya-jin"1998
Submitted by Paul
Vegeta with Ed Begley Jr. Vegeta on the campaign trail with Ed Begley Jr. 2000
Submitted by Chefelf
Vegeta and Catherine McCord With model Catherine McCord on the beaches of Peurto Rico. 1999
Submitted by Chefelf
Vegeta and Julia Roberts Vegeta and Julia Roberts during photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine. 1997
Submitted by Chefelf
Vegeta with Stone Cold Steve Austin Stone Cold Steve Austin backstage at Wrestemania XIV with old pal Vegeta. 1998
Submitted by Sarah
Vegeta with Lara Croft Lara Croft posing with Vegeta during the making of Tomb Raider III. 2000
Submitted by Justin
Vegeta and Britney Spears Vegeta and Britney Spears when they were co-presenters at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards. 2000
Submitted by Justin