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You may notice that we have specific boards for certain anime titles. This board can be played with them or any other anime. It is the generic, the universal, the master board for ALL anime.

Here you'll find a list of possible Anime bingo squares I've come up with.
If you come up with any other squares, or have a better name for a square (the wittier the better), email me.

Alien Invaders!
Animation by Billy, age 8 Really cheap animation.
The Anime Hand Signal Y'know, it's like the peace sign only the thumb isn't tucked in.
Anime Sound fX
"-- Attack!" Why do people need to say the name of the attack? Why don't they just do it?
Avatar Only he can save the universe!, etc.
Background/Foreground Realism Contrast
Beauty Contest
Because it's the future
Breeze rustles through hair
Craven Cowering That means they're scared, dummy. This includes knocking knees, shivering, sound effect, whatever.
Crazy Symbolism
Cry Me a River
Deja Vu They keep using the same cut of animation over and over again.
Eyes/Eyebrows visible under hair
Face change Their features get really simple to exaggerate some sort of facial expression. I need a better name for this one.
The Fall When people fall over because they're so disappointed, or if someone makes a bad pun.
Fangs Some characters seem to have fangs sometimes. It's pretty inconsistent. I think it's to show ferocity.
Fantastic Fighting
Hands behind head
"Hey, I didn't know I knew Japanese!" Key things are in English.
The "Huh?!?" face
I Guess it made sense in Japanese
Inane Musical Number Not including the credits.
Inappropriate Background Music
Inappropriate Emotion
It's gotta be dyedUnnatural hair color. If you're doing this for a specific series, don't count main characters with strange hair colors because they're always there.
Kawaii! For all you non-Japanese speaking types, that's "Cute!"
The Leap Any character, even if they don't have superpowers to speak of, can leap really really high even if they only have to move two inches foreward. Sometimes the background moves behind them, but they don't move.
Let's Look at Machines!
Making Faces
Mouth 80% of head size
Nice Legs Usually involves a slow pan.
Over the Top Something happens that is just unbelievable, like a character does something they actually physically can not do. Restrictions apply, for example, you can't get that square if the same event gets you a different square (such as Eyebrow Tricks or The Leap), and since there's a certain amount of implausibility in any anime, you have to be able to make allowances for that. Since this is a square that requires judgment calls, only use with very fair players.
The Pan Camera pans up, usually to show legs. Related: Nice Legs, Babes, Why do stars?
Physically impossible eyebrow tricks
Picture in picture Also known as split screen.
Red Alert
Red Laser Beam
Speaking with eyes closed
Sudden Background Change The background suddenly changes for a minute or so, especially when something important happens. I guess this would count in Pokémon or Sailor Moon whenever Ash calls a pokémon or the scouts transform, but since both instances are already covered by Pokéo and Luno! squares, I wouldn't use it on those boards. (It does count when, say, Misty calls a pokémon because there's no other square for that.)
Sudden NC-17 rating
Surprising flash of quality
The Sweat Drop Usually appears hovering behind their head.
Transform/Snap Together
Unison Speaking
The Vein That's when an anime character gets mad, and a vein pops out on their forehead. Or, even better, not even on their forehead.
Visible Sigh A character sighs and you can see their breath. You'll know it if it happens.
The What? Factor This is if it probably didn't make more sense in Japanese.
Why do stars suddenly appear? You know this character is special because suddenly there's stars around them.
Widescreen Eyes The screen darkens above and below someone's eyes.
The Wink A character winks.
The "Yowzah!!" face Usually occurs when a character sees a hot member of the opposite sex.

Writing fiction by moonlight, making bingo by daylight, always working on her website, she is the one called Angel Blue.