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The Governor
"Book 'Im!" You often get this square right before you get the "Dan-O" square.
"Dan-O" You often get this square right after you get the "Book 'Im" square.
McGarrett Speaks Hawaiian
Maps, Charts, Visual Aids Especially that keen see-through whiteboard thing.
"Patch Me Through!"
Chauvanism This show is not so PC anymore.
Fisticuffs A great way to resolve any dispute.
Shootout An even better way to resolve disputes. How many times does McGarnacle kill the bad guy himself?
Preserving Hawaii's Unique Culture Also: "We are two sides of the same coin."
Drugs Cop show staple.
The Asian Connection There are more Japanese guys in Hawaii Five-Oh than there were in Shogun.
Hawaiian Shirts
Hi-Tech Crimesolving Using computers, blowing up photographs, or other 60's sci-fi.
Tailing In a car, usually from a discreet 1 carlength.
"HUMOR" Usually involving that big dumb Kojo.
Fabulous Facial Hair
Hippies Or any misguided youth.
The Lab
Chin Ho Has a Saying
5-0 Theme as Incidental Music Happens more than you might think.
Does he have a warrant for that? The Five-O boys blatantly disregard police procedure.
The villain gloats over McGarrett
McGarrett gloats over the Villain
McGarrett's Pearl of Wisdom His little speech at the end of the episode.
Unnecessary Smugness

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