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Irresponsible Captain Tylor is one of the most underrated Anime series, but it's also one of my favorites. It's one of the classic plots: Sleepy guy meets sandwich; sleepy guy loses sandwich; sleep guy suddenly becomes the captain of a ragtag crew in an interstellar war with a really supercute alien queen! It's like Joseph Heller's Catch-22 meets Dostoevsky's The Idiot-- except take out all the smart stuff and replace it with dumb stuff!

Here you'll find a list of possible Tylo! squares I've come up with.
If you come up with any other squares, or have a better name for a square (the wittier the better), email me.
Yuriko gets maaaad
Yamamoto gets maaaad
Tylor Sleeps
Persuasive Captain Tylor Tylor talks his way out of an impossible situation.
The Doctor Drinks
Tylor is more irresponsible than usual
Magnificent Luck
Azalyn calls Tylor "Paco-Paco"
Tylor makes a pass at someone
"Because it would be an easy life"
The Guys at the Top The Military Guys.
Robotz! Those robot battlesuits Kojiro & friends sometimes get into.
Sudden NC-17 rating
The Vein
The Sweat Drop
The Leap
"I Guess it Made Sense in Japanese"
The What? Factor This is if it probably didn't make sense in Japanese.
Animation by Billy, age 8 Really cheap animation.
Déja Vu You see the same cut of animation over and over again.
Anime Sound fX
Nice Legs Usually involves a slow pan.
Speaking with eyes closed
Hands behind head
Inappropriate emotion
Light jazz background music
Red Alert
"I didn't know I knew Japanese!" Key things are in English.
The Yowzah!! face When a character sees someone they think is hot.
The "Huh?!?" face
Unison speaking
Let's look at machines!
Red laser beam
Cry me a river
Surprising flash of quality
Eyebrow Tricks Usually physically impossible.
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