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The Locust

The locust is my answer to Paul's Rex Blunder comics. You may be wondering how I answered the Rex Blunder comics he drew in 1998 with comics I drew in 1985. Hmmmm.

Forget everything I just said! Paul rummaged around in his room and found Rex Blunder... I rummaged around in the garage and found... THE LOCUST!

The first installment is the classic "origins" issue where we learn how the Locust got his special powers (I know you've all been wondering).

I am often embarrassed by things I did as a kid but when I unearthed this treasure I wasn't embarrassed at all. The strange thing is that, while I may have done this seventeen years ago, I wouldn't change a thing now. While I may have seriously considered this a good comic book as a kid, I would now do it as a comic book parody. But I wouldn't change a single word. Not for the world.

Some of the writing is pretty illegible and I apologize in advance for any headaches that may result from trying to decipher some of it. As anyone who has seen my handwriting will agree, it's quite awful. The finest thing that ever happened to me academically was the day when schools stopped grading children in handwriting. My average grade jumped from a C+ to an A-. The strange thing is that my handwriting is now pretty much the same.

Some of the more difficult parts to read I have gone over with an easy to read font. While doing this I have made sure to preserve the integrity of the lousy grammar and spelling.


The Locust

Enter the Locust
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