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3-31-09 Why I Hate People That Self-Identify as Nerds or Geeks: Chefelf doesn't like it when people think they're all awesome and unique because they do the same thing as millions of other people. (Chefelf)
1-26-09 Life on Mars Towed My Car: Chefelf wakes up to discover that a crummy TV show remake of a BBC show has ordered his car towed with no notice. Can they do that? Apparently they can. (Chefelf)
11-14-08 Remembering The Box Set: Chefelf thinks it's funny to think about CD box sets. (Chefelf)
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My New Apartment: A look at various aspects of my new residence.
What Goes Up Must Come Dow: My day as a Stock Market guy.
People with Girlfriends: Want to know what makes them tick? Find out here.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Americans speak their mind about the martial arts epic.
Mother Nature's Fury: As Rhode Island reels from the devestation of a natural weather pattern, Chefelf tries to make sense of the situation.
Can Technology: One hundred and nintey-one years of technological wonder.
48 Minutes in Home Depot: A play-by-play recount of one man's misery.

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