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The Halls of the Extinct
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9-3-07 Extinct Beverage: Hillside Coffee - Self Heating Container: Chefelf returns to his Extinct Beverage Museum to review what is possibly the most dangerous beverage he has ever consumed. It is arguably Chefelf's most daring -- and certainly his most comprehensive -- beverage review ever! (Note: It features video where Chefelf sounds a lot more like Ira Glass than he intended.) (Chefelf)
9-4-06 Extinct Beverage: Coca-Cola Blāk: With the summer coming to a close it's time to start the 2006 Summer Extinct Beverage Round Up! There are a few choice beverages that came out this summer that are certain to be headed for the halls of extinction! Chefelf has tried them all and now he begins to pretend that he'll actually review them all. (Chefelf)
3-13-06 Extinct Beverage: Metromint: Lance & Eskimo returns triumphantly from its 4 1/2 month Christmas break with a fresh new article! A beverage review? By Chefelf? It's like 2001 all over again with less Kubrick and more mint taste. (Chefelf)
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A brief history
The Brothers Redcloud (Lance, Paul and myself) have spent years of painstaking research--and negotiations with many of the world's governments--to bring our Extinct Beverage Museum into existence. Currently I serve as Curator here at the EBS. Please feel free to browse its hallowed halls free of charge. This visit's on us.

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