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The Barbarian Brothers The Barbarian Brothers Series: One of the finest collections in movie history.
   The Barbarians
   Think Big
   Double Trouble
   Twin Sitters

Check out my friend Jacob's website,, for more information on the "beef boys".

Deathstalker The Deathstalker Series: Deathstalker may never look the same, but he's just as loveable in each film.
   Deathstalker II
   Deathstalker III
   Deathstalker IV
Paulmeats: "I like the part of Star Wars where Jar Jar Binks is like: "Meesa!" and Qui-Gon Ginn grabs his tongue.
Latest Reviews:
12-09-02 Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back! Hey, it's their title, not mine.
11-04-02 Deathstalker IV: The stunning conclusion to the Deathstalker/Barbarian Queen series. Unfortunately it's a little too late for originality.
12-17-01 Barbarian Queen: The think tank behind the fabulous Deathstalker Series brings us a tale of a woman who is neither a Barbarian nor a Queen.

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Chefelf: "One of my favorite movie moments would have to be the scene in The Phantom Menace when Jar Jar becomes a General and shows his skill by issuing the command: "Steady! Steeeeady!"
Other Films

Sorceress -- Surprisingly not about a Sorceress at all.
Iron Warrior -- A movie about some walking, some slow motion and some adobe.
Skyscraper -- See Anna Nicole and her boobs fight terrorists!
The Sword & The Sorcerer -- A fantastic movie about a man, a 3-bladed sword and another man.

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