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Chef "Nate" Elf

Name: Chefelf (Nathan Redcloud)
Age: 37
Favorite Movie: Hackers
AOL IM Screen Name: Chefelf
Titles: Brigadier General in the Lewgosset Musk Army, Curator of the Extinct Beverage Museum, Pirate, Chef, Elf, Cutest Recloud Brother.

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Mary RomanticMary Romantic
Read on as the world's pickiest woman looks for love. Read and read and read. If you aren't alienated and/or eliminated from her list of eligible lovers in the first five minutes of reading then you simply don't exist.
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5-21-09 NHL Playoff Commercial Review (Rounds 1 & 2): Chefelf reflects on the most recent NHL Playoff commercials. (Chefelf)
4-26-09 Bea Arthur: Goodnight, but not Goodbye : In honor of Bea Arthur (May 13, 1922 April 25, 2009). (Chefelf)
3-31-09 Why I Hate People That Self-Identify as Nerds or Geeks: Chefelf doesn't like it when people think they're all awesome and unique because they do the same thing as millions of other people. (Chefelf)
1-26-09 Life on Mars Towed My Car: Chefelf wakes up to discover that a crummy TV show remake of a BBC show has ordered his car towed with no notice. Can they do that? Apparently they can. (Chefelf)
1-21-09 Barack Obama Will Not Look Like This: A controversial article where Chefelf posits that perhaps Barack Obama will age relatively normally over the next four years. (Chefelf)
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The Brothers Redcloud
Here is some of the latest nonsense by my brothers.

The rumors are true, I like to get presents. If you have anything you want to send me (i.e. bad movies, video games, recipes, etc.) so that I can criticize it then just email me at:

From there I will give you a detailed set of instructions for how to get stuff to me (in some groups this is called a "mailing address").

If you don't want to send me anything because your're too cheap and/or selfish then that's fine too.

Chefelf @

Welcome to the long neglected "Home Base" of me, Chefelf, on It is still being neglected, but actively neglected which at least is something. If you want to see what I'm up to in my life come visit my blog-like crappy domain at:

There you will find a long rambling set of tales about my life that no one could possibly care about but myself. It promises to be a rip-roaring good time. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out my friend Jacob's website,, for more information on the "beef boys".

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