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Double Trouble

This movie, like all the Barbarian Brothers' movies, was a beautiful find. Paul and I foolishly hunted through one video store after the next but were never able to attain a copy. This was until I discovered the beauty that is Ebay which I had previously only used for Pokemon Cards. Owning all the Barbarian Brothers' major features as I now do I can proudly look over my VHS conquest and admire it. In fact, I just ordered a full sized movie poster of Double Trouble which the same guy has been trying to sell on Ebay for about six months now. I figured that I'll finally take it off his hands. I can't imagine owning something like that and actually trying to get rid of it. That's going to look classic hanging up in my living room and I know my roommate will agree.

Anyway, on to the plot:

KeycardThe movie opens with the limousine ambush of some rich asshole who has a briefcase handcuffed to his arm. He's killed by the limousine driver and the the villain (Roddy McDowell) comes over with a saw and cuts open the guy's briefcase even though you think he's going to cut off his hand. He then retrieves a metallic keycard from the briefcase. I have to admire a villain who does his own grunt work. He had minions there with him but decided to take matters into his own hands. It's hard work like that that can really take a villain to the top.

Then we are whisked away to a scene where a cat burglar is breaking into a diamond warehouse of sorts. He loads up on all the diamonds he can stash in his bag and also comes across a strange looking metallic credit card kinda thing. He looks at it quizzically and is able to detect (using his keen cat burglar senses) that it must be of great value since it's in a safe house with a bunch Cat Sparypaintof diamonds. So he pockets it and gets on his way. Then he calls to police to report the burglary from within the building. A curious move for a cat burglar. Also he finds time to spray paint a picture of a cat not he wall and draw arrows all around the building pointing to which office he's robbed. During this entire scene the soundtrack tries its best to be "Axl F" from Beverly Hills cop but fails miserably.

PartnersTwo undercover cops in the area stop in at the building to investigate. One of them is a sassy woman dressed as a prostitute and the other we recognize as David Paul. Well I recognize him, most people would think he was just "one of the Barbarian Brothers", but then again most people haven't seen as many Barbarian Brothers' movies as I have.

David intercepts the Cat Burglar on the roof to find out that it's... his twin brother Peter! So it becomes clear that something in the past must have set the brothers off down different paths and the tension between the brothers becomes clear. A hilarious hilarious and classic "pretending to shoot at my twin brother" sequence follows but the cat burglar escapes into the night.

The next day David is harassed at work by his coworkers who all get him a pet cat to make fun of the fact that he didn't catch a cat burglar. The other cops think that this is pretty hilarious being lead by their ringleader (Tim Stack). However this isn't hilarious and David gives them the half-hearted smile that usually accompanies really poor jokes.

The TeamIn a hilarious turn of events David's partner is killed and he is teamed up with, of all people, his brother! Just when you think things can't get any funnier they also team him up with Whitney Reagan (Collin Bernsen), a pretty boy FBI agent that they tease. In every Barbarian Brothers' production they end up teasing some guy who isn't as muscular as them. It's classic stuff.

After a number of failed escape attempts, the bad brother and good brother make up and finally become a team. They stick up for each other. They fight along side each other. They punch each other in the face (Hey, they're barbarians. Barbarians have strange ways of showing love.)

Mr. CPeter figures out that the metallic key card he stole is more valuable than he initially thought. He doesn't know what the keycard does so he goes to a prison to see his old mentor, Mr. C. The "C" stands for "exposition." Mr. C pretty much explains what the card does (unlock the international diamond exchange... or something like that) and how one would get into this building using the key. So Peter is slowly able to piece together the plan of the bad guys.

In a wide variety of humorous torture scenes, we see the Barbarian Brothers get the information they need. This includes but is not limited to: electrocuting a guy's face, putting dumbbells over a guy's neck and giving a senator a sunburn.

Phlip ChamberlainAt the end of the movie the villain tries to lure the Barbarian Brothers to dark side with the promise of many stolen diamonds. While it looks like the Peter (the cat burglar) is going to take him up on the offer, his hypnotizing doesn't work. Maybe the book he read about hypnotizing bears doesn't work on lower life forms.

So naturally in the end, the brothers are reunited, the bad guy is killed and the former cat burglar humorously tries to escape from his younger cop brother in a golf cart full of diamonds. I'm a sucker for those type of endings.

Double Trouble

Disappearing Characters

David's NeighborPeter's Girlfriend?

In the beginning of the movie after the robbery both brothers retire to their respective domiciles. The cop brother goes home and works out (accompanied by the most outlandish noises that I think I ever did hear) in his apartment on a weight bench. The cat burglar brother goes to his luxurious condo complete with an Andy Warhol painting of himself (which I would kill for). As the cop brother returns home we see his sultry neighbor appear in her doorway to watch him. Then she sits by the wall and listens with a smile as he works out. All evidence points to her becoming his romantic interest. We never see her again. The cat burglar brother works out with this sexy young aerobics instructor woman in a leotard. He gives her some diamonds and they laugh. All evidence points to her becoming his romantic interest. We never see her again.

James Doohan

James Doohan

"My career can't take much more of this, Captain!"

Of all the huge names in this movie--Roddy McDowell (The Hobbit the animated film), Tim Stack (Son of the Beach), David Carradine (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues)--perhaps none stand out as strongly as James Doohan (Star Trek IV). That's right, Chief O'Brien is played by none other than James Doohan, the same person who first uttered the words "transparent aluminum" on the silver screen. His performance alone is worth renting, nay, buying this movie and placing it in your possession.

Patty Duke Pills


Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most amazing moment in this film is when a waiter comes to the table shared by the Barbarian Brothers. Like everyone in every Barbarian Brothers movie he is astonished by the fact that they are twins, apparently not familiar with the scientific phenomenon that is identical twins. Upon seeing them he says: "Looks like those Patty Duke pills just kicked in. Okay I give up, which one of you adores a minuet?" Don't believe me? I don't blame you. Click here to hear it for yourself.

Villain's Final Speech

The villain's final speech is a classic villain speech. Mostly he just rambles on about how cool diamonds are. It's worth waiting a few seconds to download. This is acting at the highest level. Click here to hear it for yourself.

Brothers of Corbin Bernsen = 1 (Collin)
Vein-popping workout scenes = 2
Henchman killed by villain = Approximately 15
Copyright infringement potential of soundtrack = 86%

"Hoo Hoo!" Factor

Double Trouble
1991, Columbia Tri Star
87 Minutes
Rated R

Directed by John Paragon

Written by John Paragon

Soundtrack by ??

David Jade David Paul
Peter Jade Peter Paul
Philip Chamberlain Roddy McDowell
Mr. C David Carradine
Kent Steve Kanaly
Leonard Stewart Troy Donahue
Danita A.J. Johnson
Bob Bill Mumy
Chief O'Brien James Doohan
Whitney Reagan Collin Bernsen
Albers Tim Stack

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