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Welcome Short Construction Workers!
  • Original File Name: CONSTRIP.SS
  • Date: July 25, 1996
  • Artist: Paul

It's always a bit disturbing when I actually look up the file's date. I expect no file to be older than say 1990. Usually I am shocked at how recently a picture was made. As recently as 1996 Paul and I drew crappy pictures using this DOS based graphics program. This picture was made while both of us were in college.

The real story of this picture is of the short construction worker. He is late for the Short Construction Worker's Convention but seems to have located the place. I really like the fact that the sun has gone sickly and is tearing the very fabric of timespace as we know it. That makes the short construction worker's situation all that more dire.

What will become of the short construction worker and his short construction working colleagues? Difficult to tell. One would like to imagine nothing but peace and happiness for our vertically challenged hefties but such may not be so. Perhaps the TIE fighter is just passing by or maybe it is plotting a course of destruction. One beautiful thing about art is that all meaning is at the discretion of the viewer. I only ask that you wish kind things for our friends here.

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