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  • Original File Name: COPS.SS
  • Date: (c. 1994)
  • Artist: Paul and Nate
There is too much going on in this picture to explain it all in one big paragraph. This requires much more delicate scrutiny through the use of close-ups and tables, my two best friends.
Cop Cop

The police officer is a push over and boy do these criminals know it! He knows that he has a job to do but he just has trouble asserting his authority. He really does want to clean up the street but at the same time he doesn't want to seem like a "party pooper."

Prostitute Prostitute

It's a tough racket and dangerous too! Toon Town's most notorious "lady of the night" has hit some rough times and has needed to increase her exposure to increase revenue. Perhaps propositioning the cop wasn't her wisest move.

Pimp Pimp

The pimp knows he's in trouble but look at him. Does he look worried to you? If there's any smooth talker in the world who can weasel (or "cricket" as the case may be) his way out of this situation it is him.

Stoner Stoner

He doesn't want to hurt anyone. Pot-smoking and drug use in general is a "victimless crime" as evidenced by his credo: "Legalize everything!"

Sprayer Graffiti Artist

This toon apparently has very few scruples about defacing public property. Even though he's clearly less evil than the pimp I am tempted to think that he is the most dangerous criminal of the bunch. I guess that just goes to show you how smooth the pimp actually is.

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