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Your Grandfather's Moustache
Your Grandfather's Moustache
  • Original File Name: MOUSTACH.SS
  • Date: August 5, 1991
  • Artist: Paul

It's true, there really was a restaurant in our home town called "Your Grandfather's Moustache." We never ate there but we imagined that your grandfather's moustache (the actual moustache not the restaurant) would look a little something like this.

Incidentally the restaurant was not renamed "Cheers" as the picture suggests. Rather it was renamed "Grumpy's" which is another good name. But strangely the picture was funded by the Very Hairy Babl, Ltd!

We were deeply saddened when the restaurant closed. Not because we would miss its fine cuisine because, as I have already stated, we never ate there. Rather we would miss it as an easy target of ridicule for our thirteen year old minds. Now we had to focus our attention on the fact that 1/2 of all the stores in the city were named "Hadodo" which is a funny name. Hadodo, hee hee.

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