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Mu Mu bunny-Lips
Mumu BunnyLips
  • Original File Name: MUMUBL.SS
  • Date: September 24, 1989
  • Artist: Paul

I don't know how to spell his name but it is pronounced "moo moo bunny lips." We never wrote it down. This is one of the earlier pieces from our gallery. Our youth and inexperience is shown especially through our lack of ability to not have those big white strips on the top and bottom of every picture.

Mu Mu Bunnylips is the arch nemesis of universal do-gooder Google Man. As you can see his laboratory is filled with various contraptions obviously designed for the express purpose of killing some sort of super hero. The robot by Mu Mu's right skate is an advanced killing machine designed for one purpose... killing! He wears Nike skates and although he's evil hangs a "Home Sweet Home" house warmer embroidered by his mother and wears a sweater vest bearing a heart. This expresses just some of the inner conflict in his life. Mu Mu could be good but unfortunately evil is all that he knows.

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