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The Grumpy Whale
The Grumpy Whale
  • Original File Name: UMP.SS
  • Date: December 8, 1995
  • Artist: Paul and Nate

On December 8, 1995 some people were joined together in remembering the tragic bombing of the U.S. base at Pearl Harbor in 1941 that roped America into World War II. Paul and I were creating a melancholy tale of our own. If it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words then UMP.SS is easily worth 1100 words. In a scene that later inspired the pool scene in Wes Anderson's film Rushmore where Bill Murray's character jumps into the pool fully clothed and stays underwater as if to avoid the depression of his family life--we see see a whale without a home. The whale's misery is further deepened by the fact that everyone around him is rather enjoying their stay.

Will the whale find happiness? Will the whale come to terms with his own despair? Who knows. A picture may be worth a thousand words (or in this case 1100) but that much is still up to the viewer's imagination. I know that I would like to imagine nothing but happiness for our sorry friend.


**Chefelf Supplemental
After posting this, Laura was irate! After boxing my ears she brought to my attention that when we made this picture we also made a second version of the picture that was slightly changed. By loading one and then the other you could create "animation" by holding down the F10 key (undo). So here I present to you (using the technology and power of the internet) and ALREADY ANIMATED version of what that looked like. Enjoy....

Animated Grumpy Whale
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