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Emma IM

Mr Knightley: hey sup
Emma: hey nm
Mr Knightley: by the bye
Mr Knightley: congrats about miss taylor's wedding!!
Emma: thx!
Mr Knightley: i hope you behaved lol
Emma: haha yeah
Emma: I am gr8 at matchmaking
Mr Knightley: oh sure whateva!
Mr Knightley: you were like "wouldn't it be great if those 2 got married"
Mr Knightley: that's not matchmaing :P that's a lucky guess
Emma: lol hey
Emma: that's not just luck
Emma: that's talent baby
Mr Knightley: whateva :P you should myob!! lol
Emma: lol i will :)
Emma: after i hook up mr. elton
Mr Knightley: :-& let him chuse his own wife d00d
Emma: :P
Mr Knightley: badly done emma!!
Emma: soory!! :( :-S
Mr Knightley: sok
Emma: klet's dance!!
Emma: we're not so much brother & sister as to meake it improper
Mr Knightley: brother + sster??
Mr Knightley: :-o :-((


- Laura