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Laura's Journal

Laura Redcloud is an impossibly accomplished young layabout whose many claims to fame include the following:

Here are the latest entries to Laura's Journal:

3-30-09 Soon-to-be Extinct Candy: Twilight Conversation Hearts: Two things Laura, as a girl, loves, include Twilight and candy hearts. Thankfully, the universe has combined them in one convenient, disgusting package.
4-9-08 Hot Fun in the Early Spring: In this second (!!) article of 2008, Laura provides handy if untimely hints for keeping cool. Warning: Contains an erroneous explanation of the current U.S. credit crisis.
4-5-08 Laura's Crush List III: In honor of the Lance and Eskimo Comix anniversary, how about an article?!
5-14-07 Laura Notes: Stalking Darkness: I've updated the Laura Notes page with incredibly detailed chapter summaries and increasingly phoned-in analysis of Stalking Darkness, sequel to Luck in the Shadows, which, forty days and nights later, perhaps you have finished reading! Enjoy please!
5-2-07 Old Notes Which, I'm Going to Have to Face It, Will Never Turn Into Full-Scale Updates: Continuing with the whole "spring cleaning" theme.

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- Laura