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Sprinkles and Jimmies

My brother and I came to blows yesterday while debating a serious topic. I used to be secure in my position and never imagined that someone as close as family could have a conflicting view. I was shocked and dismayed to discover the tragically ill-informed views of my brother, my own flesh and blood.

         The reason for our argument is simple: sprinkles and jimmies. What constitutes a jimmy? Is it defined by shape or color? I think sprinkles are small colored balls and jimmies are small colored or brown cylinders. Paul thinks sprinkles are small colored balls or cylinders and jimmies are just the brown cyliners.

         The following poorly-rendered Venn diagram illustrates our positions:

Venn diagram

The Opposition

         Research on this subject led me to this this bulletin board, where someone known only as "Rachel Perlow" states: "IMHO: 'Jimmies' are chocolate, while 'sprinkles' are multi-colored." I was saddened that she, too, could be so misinformed. Bob W. replied with a new opinion: "In Rhode Island there are only jimmies, whether chocolate or variegated." Obviously this is wrong, since I'm in Rhode Island and there are, in fact, sprinkles. So anything said on this bulletin board can be rejected.

The Proof

EXHIBIT A. Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines "jimmies" as follows:

jim-mies \'ji-mez\ n pl [origin unknown] (ca 1947) : tiny rod-shaped bits of usu. chocolate-flavored candy often sprinkled on ice cream
         Well, there you go, really. Rod-shaped is listed as a given; they are only usually chocolate flavored. So they can be color-flavored some of the time.
Colored Jimmies!
Colored jimmies from the Candyland Crafts site

EXHIBIT B. Some may argue that the dictionary people aren't experts in the field of candy and cake decorations. This is why I've brought in the expert opinions of the good people at Candyland Crafts. The only text on the page is as follows: "Jimmies These are also known to you "afficionados" out there as the familiar "sprinkles", good for a lot more than just ice cream! They come in 4 or 12 ounce bottles." But look at the pictures. Jimmies of all colors! ZING!

EXHIBIT C. A conversation with a real-life former chef!!

Lance Redcloud: Nate, help me out
Lance Redcloud: how would you define "jimmies"?
Chefelf: jimmies?
Chefelf: uh, the little things on ice cream or donuts?
Lance Redcloud: yeah
Lance Redcloud: but what's the difference between jimmies and sprinkes?
Chefelf: the little things on ice cream or donuts
Lance Redcloud: *sprinkles
Chefelf: difference
Chefelf: hmmm
Chefelf: i don't know if there is any
Chefelf: if there is it is that sprinkles are slightly crunchier and jimmies are softer
Lance Redcloud: so would you say that colored jimmies exist?
Chefelf: colored jimmies... i believe so
Chefelf: yeah
Lance Redcloud: thank you
Chefelf: there's the all black and then the multi-colored
Chefelf: who did you just "stick it to"
Chefelf: rory?
Lance Redcloud: Paul
Chefelf: yeah
Chefelf: i think i've had this discussion with paul before
Chefelf: i think maybe he's crazy
Lance Redcloud: me too
Chefelf: (whatever you do, DON'T tell him i said that)

         There ya go. I think I've proved my point adequately. So humph.