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Laura Reviews: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Before I went to see it, I saw some very different reviews of O Brother, Where Art Thou? Some people loved it, others hated it. Like Being John Malkovich, it can be used as a judge of people: those who hate it, suck; those who love it, become your instant friends.

              I am definitely one of those people who loves Being John Malkovich, but I guess I can see how one might be more creeped out than endeared by it (sort of like Malkovich himselfÖ). But the controversial reviews for O Brother confused me: what could people possibly have against it? Thereís nothing wrong with it. Itís not even that weird. Itís just a fun movie.

              O Brother is kind of hard to explain. Itís a really fun depression-era Odyssey story with references to a lot of different stuff, including Sullivanís Travels, The Wizard of Oz and a lot of other stuff if you can find it.

              There was a lot of music and singing in the movie which I enjoyed. The music was sort of folk-country-bluesy, which isnít my main area of musical interest (not that anything is), but it really worked well in the movie and they put a lot of soul into it (literally a-ha-ha-haND figurately!!)

              I liked the main guy, George Clooney I guess he was. I know heís not "Dr. Oscar" or whatever but he really did a good job in this movie. His sidekick guys also did good, but Georgieís worth mentioning cause I guess you wouldnít really expect him to do that good. But he did. He did good. Also, heís dreamy. What? No, Iím not bisexual. What? Shut up!

              Anyway, you donít need to be armed with that much information to go see the movie. Go, see it, enjoy it, or donít, and rent it in a few months, and enjoy it then. Itís enjoyable. Itís fun. Itís a picnic. If Charlieís Angels is the candy of movies, O Brother is the cake. Not quite as ridiculously sweet as candy, but still very sweet, and a little more substantial, but still light and airy and oh, so moist, it almost melts in your mouth, a HA HA HA HA HA HA Chairman Ikaga you're too much!


- Laura