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The Pathetic Postcard Contest

I've started collecting local postcards that show a really lame or unflattering view of the area. Just the type of thing you really would not care to show somebody as representative of the locality's beauty or charm. I've dubbed this "The Pathetic Postcard Contest," and here are the contestants:

1. Providence, Rhode Island: "Downtown" Quotes theirs. This shows the view I saw every day from the bus window when I came home from high school. It's kind of a grody street; you can see Providence's miniature skyline, looking dinkier from usual, at the top. In a position of more prominence is an unmarked white van.

2. Providence Place Mall The mall, and some highways. The mall is not that interesting looking from the outside, and besides, everywhere has malls. The Interstate is, by definition, equally ubiquitous.

3. T. F. Green Airport - Warwick, Rhode Island A shot from above of the tiny airport building, the large paring lot, and a runway or two. Rhode Island, where the airport itself is a tourist attraction! The thing is, though, that Rhode Island has a lot better destinations than the little airport, but that's the one they chose to put on a postcard. And there, really, is the heart of the contest.

4. Snell Library The library at my college. Kind of an ugly building, and unimpressively utilitarian. To me, it seems like making a postcard of your kitchen. Sure, it's there, and it's necessary, and it may even be arguably aesthetically pleasing, but... who are you really going to send a postcard of it to? It's only meaningful to you if it's your own, and if it is, you go there every day and don't need a postcard to remind you of it.

That's it so far, but I'm looking for people to send me pathetic postcards of their own locality or travel destination! There are no prizes for this contest expect maybe posterity on the Chefelf Message Board. for details.


- Laura