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Adventures on Lycos Multimedia Search

You know that feature of Lycos where you can search for pictures? I like to use it when I'm looking for new images for my crush list. It's better than Altavista's because clicking on a thumbnail takes you to the actual full-size image, whereas Altavista links the thumbnail to the website and leaves you there to fend for yourself. The only annoying thing is, the first time you click on the thumbnail, it shows you the same thumbnail again, on a page with three pictures on it instead of nine. Like when you click on it the first time, you're thinking, "Gee, before I see the full-size image, I'd really like to admire this thumbnail sandwiched between two of its thumbnail brethren." What's that about?

         Anyway, I was using Lycos today to find a picture of Rob Lowe. I know, I know what you're thinking, The sub-villain from Austin Powers? But that's not why I like him. He was Nick Andros in the 1994 miniseries of Stephen King's The Stand, and back then, he was a cutie. I just watched The Stand with some gal pals (and Rory) and we were all "What a cutie!" (Except Rory.)

         So I was looking for a 1994-era picture of Rob Lowe, preferably a screen capture from The Stand, preferably the part they use in the dead-people-montage at the end, where he's sitting on the bench with Tom Cullen and he smiles at him. *Sigh!*

         Of course, I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. But my Lycos Image Search did turn up some... interesting pictures.

         First, since I didn't know who the actor was who played Nick. (This is thanks to the credits on The Stand--they list all the important actors at the beginning, so they don't feel the need to list them at the end. But in the beginning, A, you're not paying attention, and B, they don't actually say who is playing who--just list a bunch of names.) So I did my search for "nick andros."

         I didn't get a picture of Nick, but I did, surprisingly, get a picture from The Stand:

Larry Underwood!

         Okay, I thought. There must be Stand screencaps out there. So I did a search for "the stand stephen king."

         Again, no pic o' Nick. A lot of pictures of the cover of the book and the movie, a few pictures of Stephen King, and, unexpectedly...

Spock? A tiger? What?! Lexington from Gargoyles?!!

         Okay, this was just weird. The only link I can find, with any of them, is that Lexington is from Gargoyles, which guest-starred The Stand's own Nadine, Laura San Giacomo, as Fox. (It's true. You can look it up. She is also Maia in Just Shoot Me.)

         Finally, I buckled down and found out who played Nick, which of course was Rob Lowe. So I did a search for "rob lowe", and found a few pictures of Rob Lowe with a girlfriend at an awards ceremony; a few pictures of him in Austin Powers; a few mediocre pictures of him; and these:

Mullet?? Ahhh!!!

         And Rob Lowe pictures isn't all I got with my search for Rob Lowe pictures. I also got these little enigmas:

You're not Rob Lowe, you're Kathy Lee! You're not Rob Lowe, you're strange Sunny D man! You're not Rob Lowe, you're Mr. Kotter's yearbook picture!

         My Altavista searches weren't much better; I searched first for "Rob Lowe" then for "the stand stephen king".

Oh, Rob. I'm pretty sure this wasn't in the mini-series.

         So there you go, I guess. There's really no point to this essay, except, you know, sometimes things are kind of funny, and then you write an essay about it. It's the comedy of observation!


- Laura