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Laura Questions: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Confused about Revolutionary Girl Utena? So are we all. In order to organize our thoughts, I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of all the major questions that I feel need raising. To find answers would be another thing altogether. Some of these are theological/philosophical questions with many answers; some are actually answered later on in the series (in that case, even if I know the answer, I don't print it. I don't want to be a spoiler). Most of the time, though, they're just things you need to deal with and accept about the Utena universe--you ain't never gonna get an answer.

"End of the World"
      Who or what is it?
      From the credits, Utena and Anthy really seem to be in love. But in the show, they don't. Explain please?
      What are they rebelling against?
The Shadow Girls
The Student Council
      How are they chosen? Are they elected officials?
      Aren't they a little busy to be deciding every student's dorm assignment?
      Why do they have more power than the faculty? Why do they run the whole frickin school?
The Sword of Dios
      How does that sword come out of the Rose Bride's chest?
      How do they put it back again?
Utena's Outfit
      I know why she wants to wear a boy's uniform jacket, but why the bicycle shorts?
      Come to think of it, how did she get a black boy's uniform jacket when all the boys wear green or white?
      Why does everyone refer to her outfit as "a boy's uniform" when it's not really?

      Why does she look like the prince that saved Utena?
      Why does she allow herself to be an object to be won?
      Why is she so dumb?
      Is it a monkey? Is it a mouse?
      Why does it say "Chu Chu"?
      How does it come back to life all the time?
      Why does it suck so much?
      Why does she talk like a valley girl for the first two episodes?
      Why the stopwatch?
      He's a FRESHMAN? In the MIDDLE SCHOOL??
      Why does he never attend any Student Council meetings?
      What's with that random transparent hair thing?

On The Night of the Ball
      When Utena throws off her bare-shoulder dress, she has an entire other outfit under it, including long sleeves and SHOULDER PADS! ????
      How does she make a toga with a rose-shaped knot immediately out of a tablecloth, and why didn't she just give Anthy the dress she JUST THREW OFF?
The Sunlit Garden-Finale
      After Miki loses, he challenges Utena to another duel someday. The next episode they're the best of friends. Did I miss something?
Take Care, Miss Nanami!
      I know I shouldn't even be ASKING about a comedy episode but... why do they keep all those animals on campus?
Curried High Trip
      Wait! Isn't this a fantasy world? Why is India there all of a sudden?
The Castle Where Eternity Dwells
      That flashback seems to tell an entirely different story from the prologue thingy about the prince.
      What did Touga show her, and was this before or after the prince on a white horse?


- Laura