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Laura Reviews: The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years was the Boy Meets World of the 60s. Only it didn't run in the 60s, it ran in the 90s. It was just about the 60s. And 70s. It was a guy voice-overing his amazingly detailed reminiscences of junior high and high school as they were played out by a young Fred Savage.

         Here's how TWY and BMW compare.
Boy Meets World The Wonder Years
Savage Ben Fred
Purportedly Offbeat On-and-Off Girlfriend Topanga Winnie
Best Friend Cool guy Nerd
Big Brother Bumbling but loveable playboy Bumbling but cruel oaf
Sister Off God knows where Off at college
Almost Cheats on Girlfriend At Ski lodge Lakeshore
Girlfriend Moves 300 miles away 50 miles away
Main Character Stays with Girlfriend, For the Most Part, Throughout High School, Promises to Marry Her, and Then.... ...marries her ...picks her up at the train station with his New Wife, Another Woman, and eventually has a kid just like him


- Laura