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Lewgosset Musk
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Who is Lewgosset Musk? A more appropriate question would be, "Who ISN'T Lewgosset Musk?" But since that question would take up too much space to answer (about 25k), I will answer the former.
  • First, Lewgosset is a philanthropist. He regularly donates both time and money to charities, volunteer organization, and various community building projects in his and the surrounding towns. He has been dubbed by many "The Original Good Samaritan."
  • Second, Lewgosset is a humanitarian. Since this is pretty much the same as being a philanthropist, we will skim lightly over this point.
  • Third, Lewgosset is a tender and passionate lover. He has been in 3 relationships, and all three of his ex-girlfriends speak highly of him. Soon, you will be presented with letters of recommendation from all three, as well as Lewgosset's love resume.
  • Finally, Lewgosset is a magnificent leader. He is currently collecting a band of loyal followers who will one day help him rule the virtual world. You are advised to join the Lewgosset Musk Army now... the first 10,000 to join will recieve cushy jobs in the new regime.

--Lewgosset Musk