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Lewgosset Musk
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Lewgosset Musk's Love Resume
  • Mar 1997-Present: Between Girlfriends; concentrating on marshalling his forces.
  • Jan 1997-Mar 1997: Dated Mindy Von Karajan, a dreamy and idealistic art teacher.
              Letter Mindy Von Karajan's Letter of Recommendation
  • Aug 1995-Jan 1997: Entered the business world but found it empty and unfulfilling.
  • Mar 1995-Aug 1995: Dated Kim Albericht, a flight attendant Lewgosset met in Hong Kong.
              Letter Kim Albericht's Letter of Recommendation
  • Nov 1988-Mar 1995: Spent 7 years in school and abroad, absorbing the fundamentals of every known science.
  • Apr 1987-Nov 1988: Dated Su Wong, a thoughtful but emotionally distant classmate at Lewgosset Musk's high school.
              Letter Su Wong's Letter of Recommendation

--Lewgosset Musk