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Lewgosset Musk
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I have one word to say about Lewgosset Musk: wow.

There is a certain type of man I normally fall for: muscular, chisel-jawed Apollos with clean-cut All-American looks and the build of a professional gym rat. Lewgosset Musk was a departure for me, but a welcome one. His sheer magnetism overcame my initial disinterest. I met him on a 10-hour airplane flight, during which my emotions ran the gamut from indifference to annoyance to fascination to a genuine affection.

The next several months were a revelation. Lewgosset was a friend, confidante, partner in crime, companion, and sexual soul mate. I was on seventh heaven. Or on cloud nine. Whichever it was, I was happy.

It ended as most relationships of this kind do-- with bitter recriminations, acrimony, and despair. However, after the wounds began to heal, I realized that our only fault was loving not too wisely, but too well.

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Lewgosset as a great significant other and potential life partner. He's the kind of man who can take possession of your soul, or not, if you don't want him to. He's very understanding that way. Lewgosset, you gave me a happiness I will always cherish!

Kim Albericht

--Lewgosset Musk