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Lewgosset Musk
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When Lewgosset asked me if I could write a letter of reccomendation for him, I jumped at the chance. We left our relationship on good terms, and I feel that I could confidently recommend him for anyone else. He's a great guy--loving, understanding, and kind. A very wise soul. I don't know, I guess I just didn't feel that spark—y'know? But it wasn't his fault. I was going through kind of a weird time anyway. I was coping with the loss of my self-image. It's too late for us to patch things up--I've got a great guy now, anyway--but if you're thinking of going out with him, I'd say go for it.

One thing that separated Lewgosset from some other men was his ability to bend spoons using only his mind. Another was his way with children. He was a real father figure for my kid sister, who, I understand, is now in his world domination army. (Keeps her off the streets, anyway, huh?) She's a great kid, and some guys just didn't understand that. But Lew genuinely took interest in her, and the three of us would often do things together. It was great how readily he understood my desire to protect my sister, and it shows that he would make a great father. If you're thinking that far ahead!

Have a great time with Lew--and may your relationship blossom like a desert flower which is watered by the gentle pool of love.



--Lewgosset Musk