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That Serena is such a flake. If only she would follow her own advice! ...Oh, hi, I'm Luna, the talking cat and brains behind this whole Mickey Mouse Sailor Scout operation. The Sailor Scouts and their adventures get kind of predictable after awhile-- take it from me. So I made this game. It's helped me through many-a Negaverse battle. I hope it does the same for you!

Serena the Klutz
Amy the Nerd
The Sailor Mercury visor
Chef Lita
Lita's old boyfriends We don't have to meet them. She just has to mention one.
Raye Snaps Raye snaps at someone, not in half. Although that would be interesting.
Transformation (not Sailor Moon's) Don't you hate how they hardly ever show any transform except Sailor Moon? The others have some much more interesting transformations. And Sailor Moon's just gets so boring after the first 20 or so times.
I didn't know the moon crystal could do that! They just discover something else the moon crystal can do. Gee whiz, it can do everything, can't it?
Group Attack They all attack together.
Irresponsible Captain Serena She's late again, or she's more concerned about eating than saving the planet. Stuff like that.
Darien acts like a jerk
Tuxedo Mask Bails Them Out (Again) This counts for the Moonlight Knight, too, because he's just Tuxedo Mask wearing a bedsheet.
"Oh, Darien!" She goes on and on about Darien (he doesn't remember her, he doesn't love her, he's dead)
Meatball Head She's called Meatball Head.
The Sailor Speech You know... "In the name of the moon, I will triumph over evil! And that means you!"
"Hunk", "Dreamboat", "Studmeister", etc.
"Take that, Nega-Trash!" It doesn't have to be those exact words. Any name-calling with the prefix "nega" will do.
Someone Has a Crush on Serena or Darien (not Serena or Darien)
Ray's Grandpa
Wow, a talking cat! Luna ALMOSt gets caught talking.
Molly or Melvin
Sailor Saywhat? The Sailor Says doesn't match the episode.
Inane musical number
"-Attack!" They don't actually have to say "attack!" Something like "Mars Fire Ignite" counts for this square.
Craven Cowering Serena tends to do a lot of this.
Unison Speaking
Anime Sound fX
The Sweat Drop
The Leap
The Visible Sigh
The What? Factor
Eyes/Eyebrows visible under hair
Widescreen Eyes The screen darkens above and below someone's eyes.
The Vein They're really crazy with the vein on Sailor Moon. Sometimes they have it on someone's hair, or hovering near their head.
Speaking with eyes closed
Hands behind head
Animation by Billy, age 8
Mouth 80% of head size
I didn't know I knew Japanese! Key words are in English.
Cry me a river
Making Faces
The Wink
Crazy symbolism
End-of-show laughter
Stupid Slang This includes ancient slang, slang that never made it, Canadian slang and stuff they just made up.
Why can't we all just get along? This square is given to any show where there's some sort of conflict you're sick of, like Ross vs. Rachel, Xena vs. Gabrielle, and in this case, The Scouts vs. Each Other. You get this square whenever Raye complains about how Serena shouldn't be the leader, etc.
Oblivion How dense are they?!! How can they not tell that (blah blah blah)?!!

Got an idea for a new Sailor Moon Bingo square or a new bingo game? Questions? Comments? If so, e-mail me!
Writing fiction by moonlight, making bingo by daylight, always working on her website, she is the one called Angel Blue.