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Xena: Warrior Princess Bingo

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This is for Xena, except the nasty fourth and fifth seasons (which would require new squares like "You turn it off in the first five minutes" and "You wonder what Sam Raimi was smokin'!"). I refuse to count the last two seasons as Xena. This for the good old days, when all she did was fight warlords. Yeah... warlords!

This list is divided into four categories, depending on how often they occur. Drinking game rules are in red.

Column I (every episode)
Take a sip every time:

"Ay ay ay ay ay ay!"
Bad Special fX
Insane chakra feat
Myth Butchered
Snazzy helmets
Someone gets hit in the 'nads
Stupid acrobatics
Someone gets hit in the 'nads
Xena reminded of her bloodthirsty past

Column II (common)
Take a gulp every time:

Absurd choreography
Another damn warlord
Fabulous facial hair
Fool puts moves on Xena
Gabby captured
Gabby kicks butt
Gabby love interest
Gabby tells lame story
Grunty Guys
Heads knocked together
Hercules crossover
Hints of NZ accent
"I've just cut off the flow of blood to your brain."
Lesbian overtones
Modern-day expression
Sheeplike villagers
Using guys as weapons

Column III (rare)
Finish the drink every time:

And it's all in Greece?
Blatant anachronism
The boob knife
"Hail Xena!"
Hints of Xena's NZ accent
"I have many skills"
"It would never work!"
Jockstrap Our name for Joxer.
The King of Thieves
Miraculous weapon catching
More cleavage than usual
Oh no! A giant
Pilfered Plot
The Practice Swing Someone's about to be executed, and the executioner takes a practice swing first.
Slow motion
Surprising flash of quality
Snazzy Tattoos
Xena chills with the gods
Xena identity crisis
Xena: Medicine Woman
Xena's burlap underwear


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