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One of Laura's goals is to make her opinions known throughout the universe. The following pages are her thoughts and opinions on the world around her. So far, there is precious little, because she is generally a very neutral person.

TV Shows
TV sucks. But every once in awhile you find a show you're drawn to watch by some mysterious force. That's will of God for ya.

02-06-02 In Defense of Me: People are still upset about the whole Lizzie McGuire thing, and some yutz explains why Laura will never make it as a journalist.
01-02-02 Retractions: Every so often, Laura is wrong. And when she is, she admits it. Particularly when she is corrected by fiercely fanatic Lizzie McGuire fans, whom she is afraid will form a lynch mob with torches and trendy hair-clips.
10-03-01 Laura Reviews: Lizzie McGuire: Laura rags on yet another unwatchable ZoogDisney series.
02-08-01 New Generation Zoom: Laura criticizes some poor kids.
01-19-01 SeaQuest DSV: It had to be done.
01-11-01 Utena Questions: The neverending list...
01-09-01 Utena: My shining thing!!!
12-27-00 Arthur: A Study in Third-Grade Transvestism and Bondage
12-26-00 The Facts of Life: Or, The Facts of CLOSET!!!

Boy Meets World
Why does a lame show I kind of like get a whole section? The world may never care.

04-18-01 Shawn Cuteness Chart: Illustrates Shawn's cuteness for every season of Boy Meets World.
01-22-01 Boy Meets World Character Reviews: My opinion on every character.
01-08-01 Wonder Years: Or, Boy Met World

You know. Reading.

12-12-01 The Lady or the Tiger, Revisited: Laura grasps at the straws of memories of classic short stories. You know, for someone so young, she has a really crappy memory. Special Feature: Includes review questions!
01-29-01 Fantasy Classics: Hark! Mine leathern boot dost not oath. But first, I review all classic works of fantasy I could think of.
01-03-01 Sowing Glory: Or, the Good, the Bad and the Transy

Kid, yer gonna be in pictures.

04-24-02 Never Been Kissed, or, I've Never Been So PIssed!: Laura rants and raves about the 1999 Drew Barrymore flick, Never Been Kissed, in which Drew gets a chance to go back to high school and hang out with some nerds.
02-12-01 Titan A.E.: It's like a titan, but it's after Earth.
02-07-01 O Brother Where Art Thou: Some yummy cake the Coen Brothers gave us. Thanks, guys!
01-16-01 What Women Want: I still don't know.
12-29-00 Karate Kid movies: Three really good movies... and the other

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