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Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday

We at LnE have an almost freakishly refined aesthetic sense, as one can immediately tell from the script-typewriter mixed metaphor in the title graphic. So we thought we'd share the outpourings of our pen in a collection of fiction that will leave you chilled to your very marrow.

16-11-02 The Erotic Adventures of Scrooge McDuck: A disappointingly vanilla tale of triumph over adversity.
11-25-02 END PROGRAM: A chilling tale of man vs. computers that almost constitutes an update!
10-28-02 Cyanide: Silent Killer: Arguably the worst piece of fiction that anyone has ever written.
09-30-02 The Epic of Badwater Beaudry: C'mon, it's an epic poem with ASCII art... how can you not love it?
08-26-02 Examine This... Earth: An amusing jaunt into sci-fi that hits a little too close to home... literally.
08-20-02 The Erotic Adventures of Scrooge McDuck: A disappointingly vanilla tale of triumph over adversity.
07-23-02 The Day I Killed Bill Gates with an Axe!: Fan fiction about the ultimate D&D marathon session.
03-27-02 My Fool is a Crock: Oh my god! Laura wrote a story about the world's worst jester too, entirely coincidentally!
03-26-02 My Fool is a Crock: A story about the world's worst jester.
03-21-02 The Passions of Greedo: Since 1977, One Star Wars character has outshined all others. One character who until now has hesitated to share his emotions; his triumph, and his pain.
01-22-02 Origins: A prequel of sorts.
12-11-01 The Azores Mystery: Find the foreshadowing and win a free T-shirt!
11-20-01 The Living Soap: A bonus story, regrettably about soap.
11-20-01 An Exciting WWII Story: Some speculative fiction, not about soap.
11-14-01 A Tale of Virtue: An exciting oral history, including mining and war stories.
10-02-01 Elves vs. the Supernatural: If you like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER...
09-14-01 Elf vs. Its Own Kind: WARNING: Contains a story about a ring.
08-03-01 Elf vs. Beast (Again): Scary. Realistic.
07-20-01 Elf vs. God: Another bonus story, this one heavenly.
07-20-01 Elf vs. Beast: A bonus story, filled with despair. A tail of redemption and a lion.
07-20-01 Elf vs. Its Mom: Angst-ridden.
07-06-01 Elf vs. Society: Angst-ridden.
07-05-01 The Tragedy of Snagglepuss: The tragedy to end all tragedies, literally. It is a tragedy that this was written.
06-22-01 Elves vs. Nature: Grim. Tragic.
06-08-01 Three Go In, Two Come Out, and a Squirrel Follows: A story about the redeeming power of love and turning people into squirrels.
04-27-01 The Rubies of Omeron: High fantasy with lots of irritating color words.
01-01-01 The Vengeance of Umenohana: An incomplete story from an incomplete dream.