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•The Erotic Adventures of Scrooge McDuck

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Meet the Brothers

Technically, there's more than two Brothers Redcloud. There's Jacques, Paul, Nate, Lance, and, confusingly, Laura. But Nate, Laura, and Lance all have their own sites, so we, the forgettable Brothers, have decided to band together and provide you with the kind of mordant observational humor you most despise.

Thursday's updates are handled by Jacques, or, as we call him, Frere Jacques. That makes us laugh so hard we pee our pants. Coincidentally, so do his articles.


Every Tuesday, Paul fills up on his drug of choice, Batman Beyond fruit snacks, and cranks out another article. Find them all here.


Also stuck with the mishmash that is the Brothers Redcloud: Nate's England travel journals; our consistently terrible fiction; and the guest articles donated by friends and foes alike.


16-11-02 The Erotic Adventures of Scrooge McDuck: A disappointingly vanilla tale of triumph over adversity.
11-25-02 END PROGRAM: A chilling tale of man vs. computers that almost constitutes an update!
11-13-02 Overrated: Ancient Egypt: There are pyramids in South America tons taller than anything in Egypt.
10-28-02 Cyanide: Silent Killer: Arguably the worst piece of fiction that anyone has ever written.
10-15-02 Overrated: Citizen Kane: Orson Welles was in the Transformers movie, for God's sakes.
09-30-02 The Epic of Badwater Beaudry: C'mon, it's an epic poem with ASCII art... how can you not love it?
09-11-02 Overrated: The Mona Lisa: Papa Redcloud explains why the world's most famous painting sucks.
08-27-02 The Ten Dollar Haircut: Either an exercise in horror from one of the genre's modern masters, or Paul complaining about stuff.
08-26-02 Examine This... Earth: An amusing jaunt into sci-fi that hits a little too close to home... literally.
08-22-02 Embassy Blues: Jacques’s article this week is postponed on account of him getting caught up in the besieged Iraqi embassy in Berlin. Rather, what follows is an account of Jacques’s situation and the subsequent dispersal of it.