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•The Erotic Adventures of Scrooge McDuck

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11-13-02 Overrated: Ancient Egypt: There are pyramids in South America tons taller than anything in Egypt.
10-15-02 Overrated: Citizen Kane: Orson Welles was in the Transformers movie, for God's sakes.
09-11-02 Overrated: The Mona Lisa: Papa Redcloud explains why the world's most famous painting sucks.
08-21-02 The Next Wave of Sprint PCS Ads: Nick ponders the future of a cell phone ad campaign.
08-13-02 Overrated: Beethoven's Fifth: Resident culture analyst Papa Redcloud tells us why we shouldn't have to like it after all.
07-23-02 The Day I Killed Bill Gates with an Axe!: Fan fiction about the ultimate D&D marathon session.
06-12-02 Akimbo!: What? Another Papa Redcloud article?! The wise dad-guy of the Redcloud family returns with some more thoughts about English words. This week: akimbo.
06-04-02 Casting a Rueful Eye upon Literature: Papa Redcloud discourses on the word "rueful" and why so much of literature sucks.
05-08-02 Do You Assume Too Much About Other People?: Find out in this new quiz by Nick!
04-23-02 How Long Would it Take to Kill Bill Gates with an Axe?: Finally, proof that Bill Gates is the baddest mofo ever!
03-18-02 Some Much-Needed Help for George Lucas: Because it's just possible that Episode II can be improved.
03-12-02 A Consumer Alert: Watch out! Those sites that reunite you with your old classmates may not improve the quality of your old classmates!
01-09-02 Some Questions for Buffy: Papa Redcloud, the wise sage of the Redcloud family, returns with thoughts on the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
10-30-01 O Canada - a sequel of sorts: Who's more exciting than Laura? Paul. And what's more exciting than Japan? Canada. That's why our new choose-your-own-adventure travelogue is our most gripping yet.
08-31-01 Smells Like Newbury Comics: It's a wicked good article!
08-17-01 Velcro and Microwave Ovens: Raka discovers that one is not, in fact, the loneliest number: it's 8! Let's all laugh at 8.
05-25-01 Brothers Redcloud Cuteness Vote: Lance: This is the last one, we promise.
05-11-01 Angel Force II: The Sidekick: Rory adds the finishing touch to Angel Force that will propel it to greatness.
04-13-01 Rory's Controversial Political Cartoon: Rory takes an enigmatic stand against censorship.