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Paul, Nate and Laura c. 1993
Gullible's Travels
by: Chefelf

In the summer of 1993 Paul, Nate and Laura went to England. We'd like to say that after three weeks we returned to the United States with a better understanding of English life and culture. Unfortunately we were young and stupid so all we came back with was stories about hanging around the place we stayed watching "Telly". Also we went to see Jurrasic Park... great flick!

Nate kept a journal of his travels in Great Britain... Paul and Laura kept similar books but filled them with silly drawings. Presented here for the first time is Chef "Nate" Elf's English Travel Journals.... enjoy.

[The words in red are the words of Present Day Nate. You don't think that's too vain do you?]

Day 5
Tuesday July 27, 1993

6:29 A.M.
Getting ready for the big journey into London Town. I had crumpets for breakfast so that's done with. They were quite tasty.

2:22 P.M.
I'm sitting in the halls of Westminster Abbey right now. It's the grandest most impressive structure I've ever set foot in. Before this we fed ducks. It was cool.

2:47 P.M.
Boston CelticsI was just reprimanded for wearing my hat in Westminster Abbey. Oh no, now I'll go to hell forever for promoting the Boston Celtics in church. Doesn't he realize how important they were to basketball in the 1980s. They were untouchable! I take back everything I said about this terrible place. It's a puny little shack with obnoxious priests wandering around.

5:30 P.M.
I am extremely saddened because I left my Boston Celtics hat on the train. I pray that I can get it back. I have never owned an inanimate object that meant more to me. I may not know any players on the Boston Celtics, but I do know that that hat was cool. Please lord, answer my prayers and return the hat to my custody.

[I remember falling asleep on the train and the hat must have fallen off. I suspect foul play. I'd bet my life that that priest was behind it.]

6:16 P.M.
Oh Bulmershe how I have missed thee so. I set a place for myself at the table using a Queen Elizabeth II commemorative plate. It was only £9.99! How can you go wrong? I also put a little card on the table that says, "Dinner with the Queen." When I came back Paul was eating a scone on the plate.

7:27 P.M.
Paul purchased the book on tape of Heir to the Empire. We've both already read it but we thought it would be cool because it was narrated by Denis Lawson (TV's Wedge Antilles). We've been drinking this Black Currant Drink that's super good and super strong. We couldn't believe that a drink could be this powerful. We realize later that it's supposed to be diluted with a 3:1 ratio of water to drink. Oops.

[Today's grade: B+ Impressive strides are being made towards this vacation not being a total waste for us. Don't worry, it doesn't last.]

End of Day 5
Next time: Our trip to Oxford where we... *sigh* buy art supplies.