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Paul, Nate and Laura c. 1993
Gullible's Travels
by: Chefelf

In the summer of 1993 Paul, Nate and Laura went to England. We'd like to say that after three weeks we returned to the United States with a better understanding of English life and culture. Unfortunately we were young and stupid so all we came back with was stories about hanging around the place we stayed watching "Telly". Also we went to see Jurrasic Park... great flick!

Nate kept a journal of his travels in Great Britain... Paul and Laura kept similar books but filled them with silly drawings. Presented here for the first time is Chef "Nate" Elf's English Travel Journals.... enjoy.

[The words in red are the words of Present Day Nate. You don't think that's too vain do you?]

Day 6
Wednesday July 28, 1993

8:08 A.M.
I just got out of the shower. We're going to Oxford today. My knee seems to be making a full recovery. No more marmalade for me!

10:25 A.M.
I got a new hat! It's not anything special, just a dorky hat that says "Oxford" on it so people can pick me out more easily as a tourist. In England they have cans of coke that are .5 liters! My breakfast, a .5 liter can of Coke and a croissant. I hear the English are famous for their croissants. Right now we're sitting on top of a double decker bus. The top level is open air and our tour guide is called Wilfred. Hi Wilfred!

11:31 A.M.
Done the tour. Wilfred went bye bye. Oxford is very proud of their penicillin.

[I have no idea what that means. I may have written it but I have long since forgotten what it is in reference to.]

1:36 P.M.
Went out to eat and bought art supplies. Paul is drawing the back of a Roman Emperor's head with our recently acquired supplies. We're behind magnificent busts of Roman Emperors or people with different styles of beards. No one in Oxford is sure. The woman who sold us the art supplies was incredibly snobby. She was a snobby limey.

[Apologies to our English readers. See I'm learning, Yahtzee! I don't want to call you British because you may have me killed. That may be holding my tongue for the wrong reasons but at least it's a start. I apologize if anyone is offended by the use of the word: limey. I can't imagine that anyone would be. It would be like me being offended by someone calling me a "yankee." But on the odd chance that we have any readers from colonial times, I extend my most heartfelt and sincerest apologies. Cheers.]

4:13 P.M.
Leaving Oxford on the high speed train to Reading. Wonder what we'll be doing back at the 'ol University. Nothing of any consequence I would suppose.

5:45 P.M.
Paul dropped twenty pence and I picked it up but I'm going to give it to him later.

7:47 P.M.
Time to retire for the night. We watched some miserable British TV and had dinner. Now we're lying in bed drawing.

[Today's grade: C-, Again we go out but fail to accomplish anything.]

End of Day 6
Next time: We go to see Les Miserables and I teach Laura to worship me!