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Paul, Nate and Laura c. 1993
Gullible's Travels
by: Chefelf

In the summer of 1993 Paul, Nate and Laura went to England. We'd like to say that after three weeks we returned to the United States with a better understanding of English life and culture. Unfortunately we were young and stupid so all we came back with was stories about hanging around the place we stayed watching "Telly". Also we went to see Jurrasic Park... great flick!

Nate kept a journal of his travels in Great Britain... Paul and Laura kept similar books but filled them with silly drawings. Presented here for the first time is Chef "Nate" Elf's English Travel Journals.... enjoy.

[The words in red are the words of Present Day Nate. You don't think that's too vain do you?]

Day 13
Wednesday, August 4, 1993

3:09 P.M.
Slept late. We're supposed to go to London but we are in the Burger King in downtown Reading instead.

8:07 P.M.
We took turns again reading aloud from the worst book ever written, Exile. I am less captivated by that piece of trash than I was by Foundation and I fell asleep several times while reading that book. We're 58 pages into it and the characters are still pointless and the plot remains a mystery. We've only got 2 more days to see London because our bus passes run out on Friday.

11:03 P.M.
We watched Stephen fry on some quiz show where he kicked ass! Then we watched Sean's Show. It was great, goodnight!

Burger King[Today's grade: F-, I wish there was a grade lower than this to dish out. I clearly explain concern that we only have a few days left to see London then describe our day starting off in Burger King. What was it with Burger King? Why were we so fascinated with that damned place!]

End of Day 13
Next time: We visit Freud's house and see Jurassic Park!